Continuing Improvement Campaign


Carmel Customer Continuing Improvement Campaign

Door Sill Retrofit Kit

In an effort to continually improve our product Vanderhall has determined to extend a Carmel Door SiIl Retrofit Kit for all Carmel owners.


When getting in and out of the Carmel, accelerated wear on the door sill edge may transpire if you sit on the seat belt as you lower yourself into the seat.

The Solution?

Vanderhall is supplying a Door Sill Retrofit Kit that will provide a “C” channel of rubber stripping that when installed will protect the door sill from future damage and obscure any existing damage.


Please Submit your VIN and your mailing address on the form on this page:

Limit one kit per Carmel VIN Submission.

Carmel Door Sill Retrofit Kit Registration

Please complete this form, and Vanderhall will ship out the self instalation Door Sill Retrofit Kit.