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US Vanderhall Dealer Requirements

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 Capital Requirements


•  Dealer Branding Total: $15,842.80
•  Dealer Revenue Total: $8.526.32
•  Dealer Shipping Total: $1,750
•  Total Dealer Cost: $26,119.12
•  Approval with Wells Fargo for a flooring line of at least $210,000.00.


The above example is representative of a dealer carrying our current minimum allocation profiles. Due
to future model introduction, requirements will change over time.

Location Requirements


The Vanderhall Motor Works is seeking partners to create a unique and high-end experience for
our clients. Expected dedicated showroom area of at least 1200 to 1500 square feet is targeted
to create a store within a store—a boutique experience with a trained Vanderhall Brand
Ambassador who is knowledgeable and refined in their delivery.


Each dealership opportunity is unique. You should not rely on the above example in making your
decision to apply to become a Vanderhall dealer.

New Dealer Inquiry Form

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