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Current Authorized Dealers

Vanderhall of Long Island, NY

10am – 6pm (Mon – Wed)
10am – 8pm (Thursday)
10am – 7pm (Friday)
10am – 5pm (Saturday)

Vanderhall of St. Paul

10am – 8pm (Mon – Thu)
10am – 5:30pm (Friday)
10am – 4pm (Saturday)

Vanderhall of Tampa Bay

Hours: 9AM – 7PM (Mon – Sat)

Vanderhall of Los Angeles


Vanderhall of Hollywood

9AM – 7PM (Mon – Sat)


Vanderhall of Fort Lauderdale

  • 1090 West Sunrise Boulevard,
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
  • (954) 467-0990

9AM – 7PM (Mon – Sat)


Vanderhall of West Palm Beach 

  • 2300 Okeechobee Blvd,
    West Palm Beach, FL 33409
  • (561) 296-9696

9AM – 7PM (Mon – Sat)


Vanderhall of Tequesta 

  • 152 Bridge Rd,
    Tequesta, FL 33469
  • (561) 748-9242 

9AM – 7PM (Mon – Sat)

Vanderhall of Philadelphia

Vanderhall of Daytona Beach

  • 3566 W International Speedway Blvd.
    Daytona Beach, FL 32124
  • (386) 681-1000

Hours: 9AM – 7PM (Weekdays),
9AM – 6PM (Saturday)

Vanderhall of Salt Lake

  • 2476 W California Ave Suite B
    Salt Lake City, Utah, 84104
  • (801) 889-0005

Hours: 9am-5pm Tues-Fri, 10am-2pm Saturday

Interested in becoming a dealer?

Vanderhall is currently seeking National and International dealers.

Dealers will have allocation of the Venice. The Venice brings affordability and excitement in a hand-crafted, beautiful package. At $29,950.00, plus any dealer installed options, the Venice offers an upscale alternative to other autocycles on the market: Providing exceptional performance combined with alluring style. Dealers will also have access to a limited number of Laguna Roadsters, our flagship model is all about exclusivity and status with its hand-laid carbon fiber body, to its included creature comforts, the Laguna is an amazing limited production vehicle.

Request Info

Request more info about Vanderhall Motor Works, and the revolutionary Laguna and Venice.

Vanderhall Motor Works is based in Provo, Utah. All sales are directed through an authorized dealer. Vanderhall Autocycles are hand-built in our Provo facility. All Lagunas' feature a hand-laid carbon fiber body and a mono-aluminum chassis with a 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder engine mated to a 6 speed automatic. All Venices' share the general platform and power-plant as Laguna, but retains a formed carbon composite body.  To begin your order inquiry, please visit our models page and review available options and submit your reservation as directed, request additional information, or contact a dealer. Once your build is satisfactory you will acknowledge your approval and Vanderhall will begin production as appointed by our schedule. The conclusion of this journey arrives with the enclosed delivery of your Vanderhall to your nearest dealer.