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Downloads and Photos

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Venice Speedster Media Kit
> Speedster Shots (Zip, 10 photos, 6 MB)
> Speedster Renders (.zip, 3 MB)
> Speedster Videos (playlist)
> Speedster Postcard (.pdf, 1 MB)

Edison Release Press Kit
> Press Release (.pdf, 1 MB)
> Edison Release Photos (.zip, 36 MB)
> Edison Release Video (.mov, 140 MB)
> Edison PostCard (.pdf, 1 MB)
> Download entire Edison Press Release Kit (.zip, 177 MB) 

Vanderhall Venice Photos

> Venice Shots #1(zip, 19 photos, 2MB)

> Venice Shots #2(zip, 17 photos, 3MB)

> Venice Shots #3(zip, 15 photos, 2MB)

> Venice Shots #4(zip, 12 photos, 2MB)

> Venice Shots #5(zip, 16 photos, 3MB)

> Venice Renders (white)(zip, 11 photos, 700KB)

> Venice Renders (black)(zip, 11 photos, 700KB)

> Venice Renders (red)(zip, 11 photos, 800KB)

> Venice Renders (gray) (zip, 11 photos, 700KB)

Vanderhall Media Logos

Vanderhall Logos

Vanderhall logos and shield emblem.

Vanderhall Logos  (Dropbox link)

Vanderhall Media Logos

Vanderhall Limited Warranty

Vanderhall Limited Warranty.

Vanderhall Limited Waranty  (pdf. 200KB)

Vanderhall Venice Postcard

Vanderhall Venice postcard with technical specifications.

> Download (.pdf)